Accessibility-AT for Students With ADD

Help for students with ADD is available on-line.

More Online Assistance for Students with ADD (Heather Dittemore, Summer 1 2012)
Web 2.0 creates a valuable resource for any classroom, opening doors to any answer. However, getting to those answers may be more difficult for some learners. Learners with reading disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder represent those that may have a more difficult time extracting pertinent content from a webpage.

Imagine googling “the water cycle” and having a list of 200,000 results come up. As a middle school student with ADD you just click on the first as soon as it pops up, entering a website with a scrolling ad across the top, a series of videos down the right side, and a list of sections or links down the left. You have looked at everything except what you are supposed to be reading. The ad across the top catches your attention again and you click on it. There goes “the water cycle” information to an afterthought.

One very easy way for educators to support these learners is to simplify what they see. Web tools like TidyRead remove advertisements and images allowing the reader to focus on the written content of the page. TidyRead operates in Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera creating a tool accessible anywhere and installation is easy with a drag to the browser’s toolbar. provides details and a video of TidyRead for viewers to observe it in use.