Accessible Blogs

When thinking about websites, Web 2.0 tools and other media that is published to the internet one must remember to think about if their sites are accessible to the disabled population. Accessibility is becoming more important in the design of various sites so that everyone including the disabled population can enjoy the sites to the fullest. The author of this blog has taken the time to cover some important issues dealing with accessible blogs. I found it to be helpful that this author chose this approach of covering accessibility of blogs by using a blog format. The most recent topic covered is creating a calendar. There are codes that a user can type into the cells so that a screen reader can read the abbreviations for the days of the week. Another topic covered are some tips for an accessible blog such as using an accessible blogging service. This service will edit your text for accessibility for you. Tips were also mentioned to help websites to be more accessible for the vision impaired population. This blog also mentions that some graphics and videos cause the computer screen to flicker is harmful and can cause seizures. If a video contains flickering then it’s best to add a word of caution below the graphic or video. This is a great blog that can be useful to anyone that is creating a blog so that you can ensure that the site is accessible to the disabled population.