Aspergers and Social Networking

Millions of people are on different social networking sites. Myspace, Facebook, and Ning are just a couple of social networking sites. The people on these sites are all different ages, races, and are good for those who suffer from different disabilities. These sites can be good for people who suffer from Aspergers Syndrome. But the question is, is does it hurt those with Aspergers as well? The answer is yes! Those who suffer from Aspergers Syndrome often lack social skills needed to interact with other people, especially their peers. With social networking sites, this becomes less of a hassle.

Social networking sites often help those who suffer from Aspergers. It helps them with valuable social connections and skills, as well as helps them build confidence. This allows them to make connections and friendships they long for without the stress and embarrassment that may come with the face-to-face interactions. These are all positive and healthy things for kids and students who suffer from Aspergers Syndrome.

So what is a negative impact of social networking and those who suffer from Aspergers? One negative impact is that they may become depended on social networking sites. They may substitute these sites for human interaction, instead of learning and building social skills they need to be successful in life. Another negative impact is they can become obsessed or even addicted to the internet. And the last negative impact is a person who suffers from Asperbers could become a target for cyberbullying. This is a real problem and could be detrimental to the person’s confidence and social life.

Social networking can be both a positive and negative thing for someone with Aspergers Syndrome. It is important that parents teach their children to use it as a tool to help them, but not become totally dependent on it. If used as a helpful tool this could help improve the quality of life of those who suffer from Aspergers Syndrome.